NextMed provides superior technology to patients, physicians and health care providers by improving the efficiency in health care facilities, and increasing patient success rates. We help our physicians decide what technology is best suited for the patient, in turn decreasing pain during the procedure and after it is complete. Patients receive better care and individualized attention from their physicians.  We strive to increase productivity with innovative technology by supplying knowledgable techs to health care facilities, improving efficiency and outcomes.

Physicians benefit from our advanced technology as they are able to provide less invasive procedures to patients with little to no risk of post-op complications. We are not tied to a particular manufacturer, and do not deal with sub-standard technology because we don’t have to. Evidence of our success lies in our Stone Registry run by an expert statistician who gathers, tracks and analyzes all procedural data to give  access to before their eyes results.

Despite the cost to NextMed, we constantly upgrade our technology based on the results we analyze and report. We find it very important to inform for our partnered facilities and physicians to current changes in our technology, and remain the only company with an extensive database storing every single endoscopic service ever performed. We want to further educate our partnerships, and pave the way for superior mobile lithotripsy and Endoscopic services.