NextMed has been awarded Comprehensive Lithotripsy / Laser Certification from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP). Comprehensive Lithotripsy / Laser Certification serves as a notice that NextMed has the capacity to administer advanced safe and effective treatment.

This certification signifies that NextMed has demonstrated its commitment to providing excellent specialty care to its patients,” said Stephen Martin, Jr., Ph.D., M.P.H., Chief Executive Officer of the HFAP. “Organizations that have undergone Advanced Lithotripsy/Laser certification demonstrate they have advanced infrastructure and protocols in place and are able to demonstrate a rigorous internal auditing process that enables continuous improvement and excellence in clinical practice,” added Martin.

The HFAP has been certifying lithotripsy organizations since 2016 and currently offers the only industry specific lithotripsy and laser certification. In addition, the HFAP review organizations against one of three specialty levels of certification – Ready, Advanced and Comprehensive Lithotripsy and Laser. In order to achieve Comprehensive Certification, NextMed had to meet the following standards:

Comprehensive Lithotripsy / Laser Certification:

  • The program director must be board certified in specialty
  • Must be a peer review process in place
  • Must be an effective governance structure in place which is evaluated with external industry consultants
  • Robust contract management processes that involve risk assessments
  • Program must be designed by clinicians and technologists with expertise in lithotripsy / laser
  • Must have a designated radiation / laser officer who is trained
  • Performance indicators are measured and compared internally and externally
  • Must consistently demonstrate thought leadership through involvement in health policy / specialty content advisory
  • Must participate in patient-oriented research activities and, or technology development and have a continuous research plan

We are proud to achieve the HFAP’s prestigious Comprehensive Lithotripsy / Laser Certification. Our staff has worked tirelessly to achieve this certification and it reflects our dedication to excellent patient care and service. In awarding us Comprehensive Lithotripsy / Laser Certification, the HFAP has provided us with the opportunity to celebrate the exceptional services we provide to our partners and our commitment to the well-being of our community and surrounding communities.