NextMed strives to improve health care at facilities across the country with better technology and improved patient care statistics. Proven to work, our technology helps reduce pain during and after the procedure, which allows physicians to feel more secure in lithotripsy and endoscopic services. We make it easy to care for patients with NextMed’s mobile lithotripsy and endoscopic services, which were the first in the industry. NextMed is helping improve efficiency in more than 500 health care facilities across the nation. Our physician partners and their patients are seeing substantial improvements related to post-op complications and faster recovery times.

We provide superior technology, and we have the data to prove it. NextMed’s Stone Registry collects data from facilities and reports any changes with the technology. Fluctuations are analyzed and tracked by a PhD statistician whose job is to point out current issues, furthering development of NextMed technology. We make this information available to both health care facilities and physicians.

NextMed is proud to serve health care facilities with better technology, improving patient care by developing improved protocols. Physicians and health care facilities are able to become more efficient as they begin to integrate NextMed’s procedures into their system. We partner with health care facilities because high quality technology drives better productivity, allowing us to provide superior care to patients.