Health care providers trust NextMed because better technology keeps patients pain-free. Health care providers rely on our technology for reliable lithotripsy and endoscopic mobile services in 35 states and over 500 facilities. In order to provide outstanding service across the nation, NextMed is not bound to a particular machinery manufacturer. Any constraint to technology that might be sub-par could reduce outcome success and cut down on efficiency for health care providers.

We create valuable relationships with health care providers with our focus on improving facility efficiency, physician success and patient outcomes using superior technology and experienced technicians. Our relationships remain strong as we update our technology to align with a constantly changing medical industry. Staying up to date gives NextMed a competitive edge and allows health care providers to feel secure in their decision to partner with us.

By choosing our better technology and better trained technicians, health care providers create a safer environment for patients. NextMed helps physicians continue to improve patient success rates, while reducing pain for their patients.