We partner with nearly 400 physicians across the country to improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of complications before, during and after endoscopic procedures. Accredited by The Joint Commission, NextMed provides the most innovative and reliable service in the industry.

With physicians’ main concern being their patients’ health and safety, they know they can rely on us. NextMed makes it easy for physicians to provide exceptional patient care and treatment with minimal risk of discomfort or extended recovery time. We want your patients to experience the difference of superior technology and knowledgeable technicians while you experience greater success rates. NextMed’s Stone Registry provides clear data for physicians to view the reliability and success of our technologies. Physicians can perform endoscopic and lithotripsy services with confidence and ease, putting patient care above all else.

NextMed’s technicians are trained annually to be skilled with changing technology. Physicians benefit from professionally trained technicians demonstrating the care and protocol of each machine. This reduces the chance of errors during the procedure. Patient care improves and success rates increase when physicians can properly master NextMed technology. The best outcome is when happy patients leave the procedure pain-free, with minimal post procedure pain or complications.