NextMed is an innovative medical services provider specializing in lithotripsy, surgical laser and endoscopy services. Founded in 1996, NextMed is the industry’s first mobile lithotripsy and endoscopy service provider to be accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s preeminent standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. Our dedication to providing reliable results has brought exceptional patient care to more than 500 facilities in 35 states.

By choosing NextMed, physicians and other health care providers get proven results. We are always working to increase treatment protocol effectiveness and have revolutionized patient care with superior service and technology. We achieve superior treatment outcomes and superior patient safety.

Our mission is to provide unsurpassed lithotripsy, surgical laser and endoscopic services through innovation and education, with measurable results. We strive to surpass industry standards with efficient and superior service.

NextMed’s Certified Lithotripsy Technologists are experts in the fields of lithotripsy, surgical laser and endoscopy. Our technologists are also certified by the American Registry of Radiology Technologists. The quality of the training our technologists receive is the best in the business. This enables them to apply their knowledge and take an active role during treatment to build trust with patients and physicians.

Through the use of analytics and our extensive registry, NextMed is able to provide improved treatment success, improved patient safety and lower overall costs.

Using the largest stone disease registry in the United States and advanced data analytics, we provide our physicians with the information they need to choose the best equipment and treatment protocols for their regions. We use our advanced QI program to constantly improve our technologies.

This isn’t just talk. Our success is measurable using reliable data. We measure the success of our technology based on faster recovery times and lower risk of re-treatment. NextMed goes above and beyond industry norms for exceptional patient care. Our success rates exceed published data by up to 50 percent and our patient safety metrics by more than 60 percent.

We pride ourselves on developing treatment protocols that make for safer, more patient-centered procedures. At NextMed, we base clinical decisions on the best available evidence. Evidence-based medicine—a systematic approach to continuously improving our treatment protocols by integrating the best available treatment evidence with clinical expertise and patient values—is the basis for all our treatment protocols.