We started changing patients’ lives in 1996 when we started our company in Tucson, Arizona. NextMed is dedicated to providing superior mobile lithotripsy, surgical laser, endoscopy services and technology to patients, physicians and health care providers. Thanks to this mission, our growth has been strong and rapid. We are always working to refine innovative patient treatment protocols and to educate physicians and health care providers on achieving high treatment efficacy. Our proven measurable results are revolutionizing the health care industry, one patient at a time.
Our dedication to providing reliable results brings benefits to more than 500 facilities in 35 states. NextMed gives physicians and other health care providers proven measurable results for the most effective patient care. We’re helping patients feel better now—and in the future—and remain unmatched in the industry. NextMed has raised the bar in the fields of lithotripsy, surgical laser and endoscopy services as we work tirelessly to continue improving patient care.